Mormon Historical Studies

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  • Title  Mormon Historical Studies 
    Author  Eugene H. & Waldo C. Perkins 
    Publisher  A Room of Round Logs with a Dirt Roof: Ute Perkins' Stewardship to Look after Mormon Battalion Families. 
    Source ID  S29 
    Text  These three, as well as Utes, younger brother, John Calvin, all enlisted in the Battalion and were privates in Company C. Each of them became ill, and none of them completed the march to California with the main body of the Battalion. David, John Calvin and Isaac left the main Battalion in Santa Fe with the Second Detachment under the command of Captain James Brown and arrived in Pueblo on 16 Nov 1846. ...... John Calvin died in Pueblo on 19 Jan 1847 from the debilitating effects of tuberculosis. 
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