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John Shipley

We are looking for anyone with information on the background of John Shipley. We very interested in the variety of suggestions regarding his background and are trying to collaborate with many people to find sources for the several different thoughts currently known.
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Judson Stoddard

Any information regarding his war of 1812 service, death date, burial information, would be appreciated. Also looking for the Bible that contained his family's birth information. This Bible's location is unknown within the last 20-50 years.
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Ichabod Stoddard

Revolutionary war service? Connecticut war service records indicate an Ichabod Stoddard was sick at Ticonderoga. There was an Ichabod Stoddard (not on our line) that performed Revolutionary war service as a non-military person, but was not in Ticonderoga. Does anyone have any info on which Ichabod Stoddard was sick at Ticonderoga?
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Jacobsen and Jacobson (What's the story of changing from EN to ON?)

We are looking for pieces to the puzzle of why and when our last name was changed from Jacobsen to Jacobson. If you have any documents any time from 1865 to about 1920 from any Jacobson, please use the contact us form to let us know. Even though the document may seem to have nothing to do with the puzzle, please still contact us. Here is what we have pieced together so far from word-of-mouth stories. (Please feel free to either agree or disagree as we are looking for the true story. Also, stories like this often have multiple points of view, and we would like to hear them all.) It may have involved a piece of property owned by Ole J. Jacobson. David and Dan wanted to develop it for some use and offered to purchase it, but it was given to another Jacobsen half sibling. After this disagreement, the brothers, Daniel and David Olius left Ephraim and moved to Vernal, UT. There was a banker in Vernal that was not entirely honest and was named Jacobsen. It may have been this that was a deciding factor for the two brothers to change from en to on.
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