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Ole Johan Jacobson History

This covers his early life, through the death of his first wife. For full citations, please see the original document also on this site.

Written by Paul Jacobson, courtesy of Paul Jacobson

Ole Johan Jacobson: Biography taken from Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p. 956:

“Born March 17, 1824 [March 25, 1922], Christiania [Bergen], Norway. Married Osaa, in Norway. Their children: Matilda (married Frank Hanson); Rachel (married William Dennison); Benjamin; Jacob (married Clara Larson); Calaman (died aged 14-17). Family home Ephraim, Utah.
“Married Caroline Frederickson (Christensen) Ephraim, Utah (daughter of Carl and Annie Frederickeson of Sjelland, Denmark), who was born Dec. 5, 1835, and came to Utah with handcart company. Their children: Daniel John (born March 13, 1874[1875]-married Sophia Schwalbe); David Olius (born Nov 27, 1876-married Juliette Stevens, married Agnes Ellen O'Neil) Family Home Ephraim, Utah.”

The above citation, errors withstanding, introduces the parents of Daniel John Jacobson.

The correct date of his birth is March 25, 1822. This record is from the Bergen County, Domkirken Parish records in Norway, and is pretty good evidence of his birthdate. His parents’ names are Jacob Andreassen and Maren Olsen. Ole’s siblings’ records show their father’s name to be Jacob Jacobsen. Such is the confusion of Scandinavian surnames. Maren’s name is sometimes shown as Olsdatter, etc.

On December 12, 1845, Ole married Aasa Iverson, who was christened on November 23, 1823 in Bergen, Norway, and died in December, 1871 in Ephraim, Utah.7 They had the following children:

Name:                               Born                                                Died                    Place
Jacobena Margaret       about 1845                                    April 6, 1877        Ephraim, UT
Olaf Oscar Johan         June 29, 1849                                    about 1877
Matilda Bergetta          September 5, 1851                     January 7, 1939       Salt Lake City, UT
Joseph Benjamin        December 17, 1855                                                  
Calaman                         about 1857                                     about 1872,           Bergen, Norway
Rachel                        November 15, 1859                    October 31, 1932        Salt Lake City, UT
Ephraim                             about 1861,                               about 1862                Oslo, Norway
Jacob Nicolai             September 8, 1863                   February 13, 1914           Ephraim, UT
Parley Carl Ferdinand           1865                                   October, 1872

Ole and Aase were baptized into the LDS Church in Bergen, Norway on February 23 and 19, 1856, respectively.

Members of the family emigrated to the United States arriving in New York on September 18, 1871 aboard the ship SS Nevada.

They sailed from Liverpool, England. Jacob, Jacobine, Rachel, Benjamin and Carl were with their parents on the voyage. They traveled relatively comfortably on the train to Ogden, arriving on September 27, 1871. They then settled in Ephraim where Aase passed away a short time later in December, 1871.

Ole married Caroline Neilsdatter (or Frederickson, Nelson, Nielsen, etc.) in Ephraim, Utah in 1874. She was the widow of Anton Christensen with several children.

Ole became a naturalized citizen on October 20, 1884, in the District Court in Provo, Utah.

Ole married Barbara Nielsen on June 5, 1899, in Provo, Utah. He died in Provo on November 4, 1912 and was buried there on November 8.

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