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I have updated the website again to try to make it easier to use and more fun. I have also made some SHORT VIDEOS BELOW for ideas on how to get the most out of the website.

Below are some links to interesting ancestors.
Each item below has a hyperlink to discover more about the person named. I have also included a little information about each person as an introduction.

Or click on Leola's name or Wells' name at the top left to see a chart of their ancestors.

Emmanuel DowningThis is the oldest "photo" of an ancestor. He is the 8x Great Grandfather of Leola Dickson Jacobson

Albert Douglas Dickson was a Mormon Bishop for 37 years and wrote his own autobiography. Scroll to the bottom of his page to see photos and histories of this remarkable man.

David Olius Jacobson The father of David Wells Jacobson. He had 15 children, loved to quilt, and was a rancher/sheep herder. Scroll to the bottom of his page to see photos, histories and documents of this man.

We have at least FIVE revolutionary war soldiers in our family.

  1. Abijah Stoddard He died in battle at Crown Point, New York 1776

  2. Ichabod Stoddard He is not yet confirmed by the Daughters of the American Revolution, but a book written in the 1850's lists him as being sick at Ticonderoga

  3. Ute Perkins He was also the oldest person to join the Mormon church up til the 1840's and knew the Prophet Joseph Smith. He died of old age just before the martydom of Joseph. His wife died shortly after.

  4. Philo Hodge He happened to be in New York as a soldier at the time that George Washington read the Declaration of Independence to the soldiers there, and likely was there for the reading. There is an entire book written about him and his descendents.

  5. William Hodge He fought for only one day and was killed. He answered the call to protect Fairfield, Connecticut from the British as they tried to cross the Byram River Bridge.

We also have 11 Mormon Pioneers from the Dickson and Jacobson sides of the family. Look up Pioneer Companies to find more about the following people, or click on their names to see information on this website about each of them. Henry Stevens, Augusta Dorius, Nicolai Dorius, Nancy Elizabeth Shipley, Absalom Perkins, Nancy Martin, John Shipley, Albert Douglas Dickson, Billa Dickson, John Dickson, and Mary Ann Stoddard.

Here's a fun thing to try: Let's find the relationship between Leola Dickson, person id I41 and Josiah Curtis person id I1666. Click here to open Leola's individual page, then click on the "relationship" tab. I41 is already entered as the first value, then enter I1666 in the second box. Then click "calculate". You can find your own relationship to anyone on this website, if you have a user account.

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