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Philo Hodge Pension Letter

Transcription of the Revolutionary War Pension letter of Philo Hodge, declaring his service in the war and his current state of poverty in 1818

Transcription of Revolutionary War Pension Letter

I Philo Hodg of Roxbury in Litchfield county and state of connecticut on oath Declare and say that I was Born in west haven my father Wm Hodge was a poor but in dustrious mechanic. I was put out to Joseph Whitmore as an aprentice in old Milford where I continued till I was eighteen years of age or the Beginning of the revolutionary war. in aprill 75 there was an alarm in Milford, colonel Smith and Major Pittcarnoure sent from Boston to concord to destroy some stores. I then inlisted to go to Boston and started on the march But we had counter orders and we turned home. in may following I was about to in list into Capt Samuel Pecks company to go to the northern But By the intreaties of my masters and Parents I did not. in December following I inlisted in to Capt Peter Perrits company to go to Boston in colonet Charles Webs Regt for one year where I filled the rand of a soldier to the years end was hoerally dis charged By the colonel whitch dis chardge I have since Lost. we marched for Boston in Jan 76 we arived at Roxbury near Boston in the same month where we camped till about the first of march when orders were given to drive the British from Boston I marched in the first division in the knight on to dorechesters point where we wase warmely received By the enemyes shots from the town But I continued to my part till the enemy Left the town we then marched for New Lonon and there took shiping for Newyork and arived there about the fifteenth or twentieth of the same month where I staid till I was discharched I work ed through the sumer at different fortification in and abou the city towards the close of my time I was taken with the camp distempir and after mydis charge coul harly get home to milfor asson as I recovered my health in Jan77 I inlisted in to capt Benjamin Hines company for three months in colonels Cooks Regt and again marche for werchester county state of new york in thiss tour of duty we sufered every hard ship that could bee indured from the deficiency of our clothing in clemency of the weather and scarcity of provisions we marched from place to plac throug the wintere and had one small But severe ingagement on valentines hill after the en___ation of three months I was again discharged and re turned to milford. when the enemy Burnt Danbury in connecticut I volunteered in capt Samuel Treats Militia company and was ingaged with the enemy from ridge field to compo hill on till they got an bourd of there shiping. the hard ships I indured in the years servis in Boston and new york and in the three months tause together withe the sick ness in new york Broke my consitution and rendered my unfit for the camp but not with standing thiss I was calsed in a class of sire and sickened aman during the war whitch took all the money I had got in the two companies Before to pay my participation. My honored Father was kilied in a militia tour at Biram bridge By Major Baremores men my poor mother got nothing from her country. I have not Been able to do hard Labor since the war i am vary poor and many times am with out Bread and meat I am Broken down with old age and infirmities and Should my country Bestow any thing there Bounty cannot Last Longer the aford Regiments I inlisted into clismesorder by Col Siauler weth _____ by a legiesition of the Congress of the United States and for thiis I synth

Philo Hodge

I am a Saw Delalor by occupation and have been affliced for several years with Rhuematism and unable to labor by reason of my hip being ____ out of place I have four in my family besides myself viz my wife Lucy who has for teh last four years been weekly and unable to labor much. Two boys Philo aged 8 years and Justin aged four years and a Daughter Rilla aged 19 years who has been sick three years unable to Labor. The town of Roxbury have assisted me in supporting my family as they have been ____ for the last fifteen years.

We teh the suscribers Being her only acquatined with Philo Hodge a gree that full credit is to be given to his affore said Affidavet and we know him to bee poor and neady

Elihu Canfield

Phineas Smith             }Justices of the Peace

Silas Marner

District of Connecticut G Washington June the first One Thousand Eight hundred and Eighteen. Be it remembered that Danel N Grossesmeade Esq One of the Juges of the Court of Common Pleas in & for Litchfield County do hereby certify that as this Day I administered the Oath tot he foregoing Deponent who made solemn Oath to the Truth of the foregoing affidavit that the same is the Truth, the whole Truth & nothing But the Truth before me and Daniel H. Gressemeade One of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in & for Litchfield County


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