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Wells Jr. Jacobson

Born 8 March, 1927 and Died 9 Feb 1931

He was called Jr. and he was a beloved son of Wells and Leola Jacobson. He died when he was 4 years old. He was going to be 5 years old in only one month. His little sister, the only one in the family who knew him other than his parents, speaks of him with fondness. From the story she told, we learn that he was loving and attentive to his little sister and a good big brother.


Vernal Express Birth Announcement

Story in Feb. 19, 1931 Vernal Express regarding his death. The headline reads: Four Year Old LaPoint Youth Drowns Under Ice in Uintah River.  The article is at the top of the second column.

Story in Feb.19, 1931
Vernal Express regarding Jr.'s Grandparents visiting for his funeral. This article is in the third column (under the Buick ad) and the 5th paragraph under the heading: Glines


Jr. as told to Kerri Harris April 2003 by Reva Sellers


Reva was unsure why, but Reva and Jr were looking for their dad, David Wells Jacobson (Wells).  It was February and Jr would have been 5 in March, Reva was about 3 or almost 3.  They looked in the barn but couldn’t find him.  They went out into the yard.  When they came to a stream on the property, Jr. set his hat on the ground and took the doll Reva was holding and put it in the hat.  The stream was frozen over and they were going to cross it to keep looking for their dad.  Jr. took Reva’s hand and walked with her over the stream.  Then he returned to get the doll and his hat.  He made Reva stay on the far side of the stream while he went back.  As he went back across the stream, the ice broke and he fell through it into the water.  Reva continued to wait and after about an hour their dad found her at the side of the stream.  Reva told him that Jr. had fallen in the stream.  Wells jumped into the stream, found Jr. and pulled him out.  He took him to the doctor but they were unable to revive him.  (What was Reva doing then?)


Additional as told by John Jacobson


“Dad ran to a neighbors house that had a car.  The neighbors were not home but the car was.  When he looked into the car, the key was in the ignition.  He took the car and rushed to the doctor.  The doctor was unable to revive Jr.  Dad was so grateful that they had left the key in the ignition that afterwards he always left a key in the ignition of any car he had..in case someone else ever needed the car as he had needed the neighbor’s car.”