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Marie Jacobson

Born and died on 7 February, 1926 in Vernal, Uintah, Utah

Marie was born prematurely and lived only an hour or so. Her mother, Leola had been extremely ill during her pregnancy with Marie. Leola told us that she had a kind of poisoning (maybe toxemia?). They were very sad. The doctors told Leola that she could never have any more children after this, too.

Leola (grandma) once told me that she had been so very sad after loosing Marie. One night she was in her bed and very sad and she saw a beautiful woman at the foot of her bed. She was dressed in all white. The woman never said a word but Grandma knew that it was Marie and that she was alright.


Funeral Article from Vernal Express

Words from song at her funeral:
     Your Sweet Little Rosebud Has Left You by Eliza R Snow

Your sweet little rosebud has left you
To bloom in a holier sphere
He that gave it, in wisdom bereft you
Then why should you sorrow and fear?
Your child in the grave is not sleeping
She joined her dear sisters above
The bright beings now have them in keeping,
In mansions of beauty and love.

They’ve gone where life’s ills cannot find them
They’re safe from each danger and snare
They are happy and free, would you bind them
To years of affliction and care?
Look up and you’ll find consolation
Which God by His Spirit will give
And through faith, sure manifestation
Those gems, your sweet children, yet live.

They’re treasure you’ve laid up in heaven,
Removed for a time from your sight,
To your bosom again they’ll be given
With fullness of joy and delight.

Was in the 1927 Hymnal- dropped in 1984