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Because so little is known about this couple, their bio page is the same as, after marriage, they experienced most of the same events, even though we know that personal feelings and reactions were obviously very different.

John Dickson        and          Margaret Frazer
unknown birth and death dates (must be close to 1700)
unknown parents
Probably both born in Selkirk, Scotland

29 Jun 1721
In Selkirk, Scotland

Helen Dickson
Margaret Dickson
David Dickson
John Dickson
Margaret Dickson
Nelly Dickson
Isobel Dickson

Since so little is known about these two, I thought it might be interesting to know a little bit about what was happening in Scotland in the early 1700's.

Selkirk is close to the border of England. They were probably involved in the border wars at the time.

  • In the late 1600's (1680-ish) through 1765-ish was a time of incredible political upheaval and warfare. Kings were changing rapidly and religion between the protestants and the catholics (Papist) was very divisive. There were at least two major wars to replace Kings. Read more about this era HERE.
  • 1701 William Kidd  (Captain Kidd) infamous pirate from Scotland was hung in New York.  He began as a pirate hunter about 1665, turned pirate about 1695.
  • 1704-1709 Alexander Selkirk was stranded on an island. His story became immortalized in "Robinson Crusoe" published in 1719, but he was famous before the book even. Alexander died in 1720-a year before John and Margaret got married.
  • 1746 "Bonnie" Prince Charles Stuart- the pretender to the throne of Scotland (Grandson of James II, king of England)-was defeated in his attempt to retake the Brittish Throne for his father, James Frances Edward Stuart
  • 1707 England and Scotland become one nation. The treaty can be read, HERE

    The treaty (act) of the Union of two Kingdoms, Scotland and England of 1706. The declaration to parliament  

  • Read more about Dickson Families in Scotland. The Dicksons mentioned from the 1500 and 1600s may or may not be ancestors. I have no data at this time that would link us to them. However, I like to assume that, if not direct ancestors, they are perhaps related in one way or another. I read about them like family friends or distant cousins. Click here to read more.
  • Here is a great website with information regarding our Dicksons. Click here