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History of:

Sir James Ware       26 Nov 1568 to 14 May 1632

Historical events happening in his lifetime:
1625 - King James I, died.  (This is the King James that ordered the translation of the bible, resulting in the current King James Edition)
1625 - His son Charles I, became king.
1626 - Protestant's grew suspicious of Charles, I, when he married the Catholic Henrietta Maria.
1629 - Vast immigrations to America occurred due to the strict enforcement practices of the Church.
1630 - Protestant's increasingly opposed to the Stuart religious policies.
1634 - Thomas Wentworth was Lord Deputy of Ireland and Bishops were appointed which led to severe anti-Presbyterian measures.  MA settlers wrote encouraging them to go to new lands and enjoy religious freedom.
1635 - Catholic Irish were extremely hostile toward the English Protestant Plantation holders resulting in much bloodshed.