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Ole John Jacobson
Caroline Fredericksen (Neilsdatter)

Ole Johan Jacobson: Biography taken from Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p. 956
Born March 17, 1824, Christiania, Norway.
Married Osaa, in Norway. Their children: Matilda (married Frank Hanson); Rachel (married William Dennison); Benjamin; Jacob (married Clara Larson); Calaman (died aged 14-17).  Family home Ephraim, Utah.
Married Caroline Frederickson (Christensen) Ephraim, Utah (daughter of Carl and Annie Frederickeson of Sjelland, Denmark), who was born Dec. 5, 1835, and came to Utah with handcart company. Their children: Daniel John (born March 13, 1874-married Sophia Schwalbe); David Olius (born Nov 27, 1876-married Juliette Stevens, married Agnes Ellen O'Neil) Family Home Ephraim, Utah.
Priest. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Farmer and tailor.
Other marriages:   Osaa Iverson   and    Barbara Nielsen (is buried by her in Provo, Utah cemetery)

Caroline Fredericksen: First married Antone Christensen in midocean. Their children: Neils (married Annetta Larson); Charles, drowned aged 21; Sarah (married H.P. Larsen); Mary (married Charles Christensen); Frank (married Augusta Dorius {cousin of Juliaetta Stevens and neice of Augusta Dorius?}). Family home Ephraim, Utah