David Dickson
(1754 - 1830)

David was born in Easteroakwood, Selkirk, Scotland April 11, 1754, to John Dickson and Mary Martin. Selkirk is a farming community located in Southern Scotland. David must have been a very adventuresome youth for he left Scotland at the age of 20 and came to New York State in 1774 There is no record of any other family coming. (Source: "The World Book of Dicksons" page 5.4) He must have been well educated and industrious for we see from Bill's records David bought and sold large tracks of land. Also by looking at his hand writing we see that he was skilled in penmanship. From the Family group sheet we learn he married a woman named Sarah born in 1751 and they had five children Mary, Sarah, John, Nathaniel and Nancy. (see family group sheet) Also from the Canadian Census record we learn his mother Mary was living with them and from Brother Black's search we know that his brother George was with him in Canada. We do not know when his mother Mary and brother George came to America or Canada. David died in about 1830 in Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada Written by Paul. B. Dickson