Anne Sophie Christoffersen
From Family history sheet in book of remembrance in possession of Larry Jacobson

(Any changes made to the manuscript to correct known factual errors will be in parentheses.)

Anne Sophie Christoffersen was not born in Copenhagen, but in Gentoffe, North of Copenhagen, 6 March 1811. Her parents were Anders-also called Andreas-Christoffersen, a laborer and farm hand, and his wife Gertrude B. Bentsdatter of Bentsen. There were married in Gentoffe Church 1 June 1806. Their first chile Anne Kirstine Christine Christoffersen was born in Gentoffe in Sept. 1806 and was batized 21 Sept. 1806. Anne Christoffersen, 19 years of age and Nicolaj (Nicolai) Dorius, a shoemaker, were married together in Trinitatis but I cannot find out where and when he was born or when he died. (see genealogy on this site for more info)

Andreas Christoffersen died in Gentoffe 14 Jan 1818, 38 years of age-born about 1780-by that time he was a servantman and a farmhand at Charlottlund, a castle and estate in Gentoffe. -Since Anne's father worked at the Castle, perhaps it was throught his influence is daughter had the priviledge of being the pastry cook for the king.-

According to the Military records, Capt. Anders Christoffersen was born in Loborghus, Gladsake parish, about 1780, son of christoffer Heide. This Christoffer Heide was a weaver and died in 1787.-I did not find where or when he died-. His wife's name was Gunild or Gundel. In 1787 she live in lyngly, close to Gladsakese, north of Cepenhagen.

This is a census in Lyngly 1787, that has this about her

    Gundel Heides Widow 44 years
    Cristian 19 years
    Gabriel 16 years
    Andreas 8 years
    Jacob 5 years
    Anne Stive 5 years
This was all her children.

Andreas married Gertrude Bentsdatter.